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Your Daily Habits Create Your Body

I believe there is one very important factor for that healthy and fit lifestyle that you’ve wanted for so many years.

And it’s not that you aren’t trying to workout and eat right, it’s just that you haven’t been able to find THAT ONE THING to take you all the way to success.

It’s quite simple, and yet stands as the truest and most important fitness advice you’ll ever receive…


The things that you consistently do on a daily basis determine your body’s shape, strength and stamina.

No fitness gadget, or outfit, or pills, or powders will get you results if your daily habits are working against you.

The problem is that most people have bursts of fitness motivation, when you eat clean and workout hard for a short time…but then the motivation wears off and you go back to your DAILY HABITS.

When you do something habitually it no longer requires a lot of brain power or motivation to get it done. It pretty much happens automatically.

Once your daily habits have been around long enough, you get to give up the struggle of trying to lose weight. That quest, which has taken up so much of your time and mental energy, will be put to rest, leaving you time to go out and enjoy your life.

While you have unique situations and abilities, here is a list of ideas of healthy daily habits to get you started…

◆ Daily strength training sessions.

◆ Daily Active Recovery sessions (walk, yoga, bike etc)

◆ Daily meal prepped portions of protein, carbs and veggies.

◆ Daily water drinking. Drink 1/2 of your bodyweight in ounces of water.

◆ Daily fruits.

◆ Daily veggies.

◆ Daily REST and RECOVERY.

Now get up off your ass, get working on your own personal list of daily fitness habits. Make these realistic ACTIONS that you could fit into your daily life, and watch as your body effortlessly transforms over the next several weeks.

One of the best incentives to get up, get moving, and getting healthy is to work with a fitness professional who can assess your current situation and help you develop long-term sustainable goals that will last a lifetime.

Good news is ... you already know one!

Click the link below and let's get you started on a program that will fit you, your goals, your health and fitness history, and your CURRENT lifestyle to meet you where you are right now!

Chat Soon,

Coach JB

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