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What clients are saying... 

 - Eileen A. 


Shakila B. -

"JB is the best trainer ever! He keeps me motivated to improve each and every session. He not only helps you in the gym, but he helps with your nutrition as well. I have worked with a few trainers on this journey of life, he is the only one that makes me want to be consistent! If you’re ready to change your getting fit journey. Contact JB!"

Gibran N. -

"My dude JB puts me to work! I have felt my core and overall strength increase since joining with him. He is there making sure I’m doing things right and don't waste energy doing workouts wrong. This guy knows what he's about. Best fitness decision I have made. I use to not be a strength training guy, but now I am."

Stephanie G. -

"JB offers his clients a place to excel with their physical health, nutritional health, and even mental health. He helps keep you on track by getting to know you and what you need, and offers a multitude of ways to get you to your goals. I would recommend 6 Fitness to anyone with any ability that is ready to make a change to not only their physical condition but also in their lives. If YOU are ready to make that change, DO IT!"

Fitness Equipments

Kelly C. -

"6 Fitness provides so much more than just a place to work out. JB is a truly sincere person who will help you set goals and achieve them. The atmosphere is non-intimidating, and the semi-private fitness classes are just the right amount of people. The group training builds a community of fitness friends, yet still allows individual attention and training. He's easy to talk to, will help with alternate exercise if you have areas of injury, and has a true passion for his work. JB is trustworthy, says what he means and means what he says. He'll push you but he's not overwhelming, and you will want to come back and continue working on the journey to a healthy lifestyle. JB sets a great example with his own health and fitness, and provides so many tools for others to achieve the same thing. You can't go wrong with 6 Fitness. It's the best!"

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