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What Is The Best Nutrition Program For You?

The one that YOU are READY, WILLING and ABLE to stick with for the long-term.

Yes, certainly there are a few instances where a short-term diet is used to help someone get to a specific short-term goal, like dropping a few pounds for a wedding, athletic event, photoshoot, but if you are too strict for too long you could end up with disordered eating habits and continuing mental and physical ramifications.

No matter if it’s Paleo, Keto, Whole 30 or even how much you exercise, what you put into your body will ultimately determine how you look and feel. If you have ever tried one the short-term fad diets, more than likely you know diets don’t work for long, if at all. With the busy lives we live we do not want to create additional and unwanted stress and anxiety to try and mange and worry about.

So, if not “diets”, what can we do to without getting hung up in the minutiae of the latest fad diet? Try focus on the familiarities between effective nutrition strategies that have presented improved health, performance and quality of life.

You do this with the “Lean Eating” way where you don’t count every calorie, you don’t get all crazy about food, you don’t follow the faddies, you don’t listen to social media posts about how one specific food will either kill you or cure you and best of all, you won’t add that unwanted stress to your already busy life.

With 6 Fitness Nutrition Coaching we take care of all the thinking and planning for you. Instead of a restrictive-type diet, which is chock full of changes you’re expected to make all at once, we figure out what “One Small Thing” you can do right now, today, to create the greatest physiological change achievable.

Once we figure that small change out, we give you that “One Small Thing” to work on for a few weeks until you master it. Then the next small thing, then the next for as long as it takes because this change takes time. And in the “right now!” culture we live you will eventually see that it works better than you can possibly dream of.

We Commit To You. You Commit To The Program. And Success!

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