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[NEW POST] Semi-Private Training Openings

With the ever increasing need to strengthen our bodies from disease and injury, there are several methods you can choose; from One-On-One Personal Training to Group Classes to going about it on your own. Because each person’s fitness goals are unique, there is a big difference on how our fitness programs can look.

If you have ever worked with a Personal Trainer or Fitness Coach, it has most likely been in a One-On-One setting where the trainer or coach is focused solely on you during your session. In this 1:1 setting, each person has an individualized plan that has been developed specifically for your goals. The sessions will also give you dedicated attention from the trainer or coach without distraction. 1:1 Coaching is a perfect option for many, but as all things it may not be right the fit for all. At times scheduling your sessions may not be consistent each week which can be frustrating at times. If you are meeting your trainer or coach at a public fitness facility, then that can take away from the “private” sessions you desire. Finally, the cost. Meeting 1:1 can get expensive and can cost upwards of $600-$700 per month, with additional gym membership fees if you are meeting at a public facility.

In contrast, Group Fitness Classes offer a different perspective. While a group exercise class looks much like a choreographed dance, Semi-Private Coaching looks more like multiple people doing different exercises together at their own rate of speed, intensity and ability. Group exercise classes are typically larger and limited only by space available, while semi-private coaching tends to be smaller in scale. Group personal trainers do one thing differently than an exercise instructor - they coach. In a group personal training setting students are often doing different things at their own customized level of fitness or ability. In addition to cost savings with Semi-Private Coaching, you also get the added benefit of motivation from both your peers and the Coach. There is more energy in a group setting and even a little bit of good old-fashioned competition. It’s just human nature that if the person next to you is giving all-out effort, you are more likely to do the same.

Semi-Private Group Coaching combines the benefits of both the One-On-One and Group Fitness Class models.

So, what is Semi-Private Fitness Coaching exactly?

1. Each person receives their own personalized training program. This allows each person to start where they are and progress as appropriate.

2. Semi-Private Training includes 1 on 1 Nutritional Counseling. A nutritional road map to accelerate results and optimize energy levels and health!

3. Each session is in a small, semi-private group, typically between 2-6 people per session. This amount allows for a sense of community, while not packing a facility to make some feel claustrophobic.

4. Each person receives the direction of a Fitness Coach for each training session. Each client can feel comfortable that they are going to receive the instruction they need, while not having that awkward micro-managed feeling.

5. Each group has the opportunity to interact and communicate, leading to a greater sense of fellowship and togetherness which increases each person’s goal achievement.

6. Learning from more than one person. The interaction between members can help each other grow and learn from a different perspective, rather than just from the instructor.

7. THE COST…. $10-$12 per session is significantly different than paying $50-60 per session!

At 6 Fitness, we use the Semi-Private Coaching format to maximize results while keeping your investment level lower than others.

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