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New Location = New Program (Well, Kinda)

Semi-Private Training is the version of personal training that we do most at 6 Fitness and Nutrition.

In a nutshell, semi-private training is a personal training program designed specifically for you accounting for:

  • your individual history

  • physical needs

  • current abilities

  • short-term and long-term goals

  • your schedule

Your program and sessions are then coached by a personal trainer with up to 4 other trainees who are also working on their own individual programs. This is the primary difference between private one-on-one training and semi-private training.

It’s a comprehensive program that starts where you are on day-1 and progresses with you at your pace in the direction of your goals accounting for any and every individual milestone you achieve along the way.

It’s not a workout of the day that everyone follows – that’s a group exercise class. That’s a different program altogether. Depending on the days and times you choose to work out, you may be working out side by side with 1, 2, 3, or 4 others.

Our job here at 6 Fitness is to design your program and then coach it. It has a starting point that aligns with where you are on your first day. It comes with objectives and milestones. As you work toward achieving your goals, we observe how well you’re doing and modify as necessary progressing at your pace.

Semi-private training is not just cheap discounted training. The reality is this is a value-added service.

Working out at 6 Fitness makes you part of a community of like-minded, health-in-priority adults with whom you’ll share many common experiences. Some are starting out just like you. Some have been where you are today and have already conquered their own obstacles. And still others may find themselves much farther from achieving their goals than you are. And we’re all here together for each other.

What to Expect

Here’s what you can expect when starting your Semi-Private Personal Training Program.

As a personal training client, you’ll learn a lot about your personal health and fitness during your first visit. We will:

• Explain the philosophies behind our methods • Orient you with the private studio environment

• Perform Mobility and Movement Assessment to determine your current fitness level • Guide you through an introductory workout • Perform a Goals Assessment


We call our group resistance training sessions “Lean & Strong” of individually designed programs to produce results for fat loss. We set a goal of attending three (3) sessions per week with your programming changing every 6 weeks based on ongoing fitness assessments and results measurement. This is key to keeping the body physiologically adapting to change helping you avoid the dreaded plateaus and keep you psychological motivated as well! With the use of technology, we also help you plan and track your fitness regimen when you are in and out of your group sessions.

NUTRITION (Optional with Upgrade):

Exercise alone can only produce so many results. To help you reach your goals faster and more efficiently, Precision Nutrition Coaching is a total health transformation program that guides you through important—yet sustainable—changes in your eating and lifestyle. We help you bring health and fitness into your life in a way that works for your life and your body. Semi-private personal training clients often use this program to challenge each other to perform at a higher level.


Every 6 weeks, you’ll meet with your personal fitness coach, one-on-one to review your goals and progress. If necessary, your program design and goals will be adjusted to keep you motivated and successful. This element of accountability, measurement and refinement of our customized fitness program design is unique to the 6 Fitness philosophy.

What Is The Cost

Traditional fitness coaching costs upwards of 60 to $100 per hour period at 6 fitness, we believe that elite coaching should not just be for the Uber rich. Our semi-private coaching approach offers you the same individualized workouts, but for half the cost, more scheduling flexibility, and a hell of a lot more fun! Starting at only $20 per session, semi-private training is the ultimate investment in your long-term health, fitness and sexiness.

Curious to learn more?

We encourage you to do our 30-day Trial Membership. In 30-days you will get a private consultation and in intake session, 12 semi-private training sessions and you get to be part of one of the most inviting and fun fitness communities you'll find anywhere. Click to sign up now, or, fill out the form and we will reach out to talk more.

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