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How To Avoid Fitness Roadblocks

When you start working towards a fitness and fat loss goal are you expecting everything to be smooth sailing? Then once an unexpected roadblock hits – an injury, an illness, a job change, a relationship change – you take it as a reason to quit on your goal.

I’ve found that my most successful clients are those that are expecting roadblocks to come up, and then attack these challenges head on. This mentality of “nothing will stop me” helps them swiftly push through roadblocks on the way to achieving their goals.

1. Be Flexible

You must be flexible, not only for just what works with your busy schedule but also your fitness level. It’s okay to tweak your fitness goals or plans. Rearrange your schedule or increase your repetitions to bring more diversity into your fitness routine.

2. Befriend Yourself

Be kind to yourself by offering grace instead of stringent rules if you miss workout sessions. Don’t over work your body! Do what you can to get back on track and gradually build the intensity.

3. Rest Is Your Friend!

Have a plan for when you don’t feel well or those sick days! If you are hit with a cold or the flu, rest is the best thing your body needs right now to get you over the hump. Rest and recovery are VERY important! Remember: all movement has benefits! You won’t lose all the fitness benefits that you have built up. Just start back on the plan as soon as you’re feeling better.

4. Don’t Give Into Silly Excuses

If you have run up against the wall in getting the results you want, remember it’s more about adding overall enjoyment and continued motivation instead of image or performance.

5. Stay On Track

Our minds play tricks on us and convince us that we are moving more than we think. Try adding a little more energy to your steps or intense movements to get larger benefits. Moving longer or a faster pace will bring more satisfaction to you and keep you moving through those fitness roadblocks.

Consistency brings long-term results. When the roadblocks come, remember why you are doing this and just don’t quit. As you press on, remember you are the only person who will take care of you

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