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Hiring an Online Personal Trainer: Is it right for you?

If you are interested in losing body fat, getting stronger, increasing your lean muscle, or simply improving your overall lifestyle to live a more pain-free and productive life then Online Personal Training is a great option.

I get a lot of questions about online training because having your own personal fitness coach is an experience you can’t understand until you experience it for yourself. Many people have never worked with a personal trainer, let alone an online personal trainer. Online personal training has been on the rise over the last few years, so I’m going to go over the benefits to allow to make a better-informed decision to decide if it’s a good fit for you.


1. TIME One of the biggest benefits of having an online coach is having remote access to their knowledge, experience and ability to design customized programs. This in itself is a huge time saver. You are saving years of education and research that you would have to do yourself in order to learn every aspect of a health and fitness program that would fit you best. Qualified personal trainers are in high demand and have tight schedules, so getting the time slot you prefer can be difficult and create obstacles in your already tight schedule.

2. LOCATION You’ll also have to add the time it takes to get to and from your trainer’s location. Depending on how many times per week you see your trainer, this can add up. What if you live in an area that just doesn’t have the type of training/fitness experience that you are looking for? Having your personal trainer live close by is a luxury that not everyone can say they have. With online training you don’t have to be close to where your trainer lives. Most online training clients perform their workouts either in a fitness facility they have a membership with, at work, at home, or their apartment complex. This allows for saved time for any extra commuting to their day. That is some awesome convenience. 3. WORK WITH A TRAINER THAT IS BEST FOR YOUR GOALS It’s important to find the best trainer for you and your specific fitness goals, so making sure you choose a trainer who specializes in your specific niche might be hard to find near you. With online training you can easily seek out the best trainer for you and your specific needs/goals. This way you aren’t restricted to someone directly in your area.

4. PRICING In person trainers usually can be a little more expensive. There are options that are more cost-effective like small group and semi-private training, but online training is usually the most affordable. This is because you are not paying for their in-person time. Instead you are paying for the planning/programs, coaching/trouble-shooting and support that they provide. A person could hire an online trainer at the fraction of the cost of what their private in person rates would be. Of course most people would opt for the private training if they could, but if your budget is tight you can work with the same great coach online.

5. NUTRITION COUNSELING I believe that nutrition coaching can be just as effective online as in person. When searching for an online fitness coach the program absolutely must offer nutrition coaching. If you fail to address nutrition your results and in turn your experience will be stunted. Most of the assessments, questionnaires, coaching points and resources we provide are delivered via email. This means that they can be delivered in the exact same way whether we’re working with an in-person or online client.


Our online clients are normally categorized in two ways: 1. They are busy people: They are trying to balance work, family, social life, aging parents, planning for retirement. They enjoy the time flexibility that online training provides. 2. They live further away: They really wanted to benefit from the program that we offer and thought we were the best fit for them. However, driving 30+ minutes to come to a workout session just wasn’t an option for them. Online training allows them to benefit from our expertise without the extra commute.

A few more characteristics to consider; • You don’t need to be perfect and everyone slips up/falls off track; but you do need to be able to follow a structured program and contact your coach regularly (we recommend a minimum of bi-weekly check-ins). • You need to be able to look at the big picture. The path to the best results in the shortest time depends on many factors. Having an in-person coach puts more of the control in the hands of your coach. Without that in-person element you may need extra time to learn the exercises properly and to make changes to your lifestyle. This is perfectly normal, but you should consider this. • You need to be “OK” with technology. Most of our clients access their workouts either from their laptop or phone/tablet. You don’t need to be a tech guru, but you do need some basic know-how. Online training is allowing more and more people the opportunity to find and work with an experienced fitness coach who is the right fit for them. When deciding whether or not to hire a coach, consider the points made above. Online training may just be the perfect fit for you. If you want help designing an effective fitness and nutrition program to help you reach your goals, email us today at If you know anyone who might be interested in our program, feel free to share this post.

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