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8-Week Nutrition Program

We are proud to announce that our Brand New 8-Week Nutrition Program (NOT a Challenge) will be kicking off on January 9th.

This is not your typical “New Year's Challenge”, but an actual program to promote long-term habits and changes over short-term and temporary changes that don't last. The goal of the program is to create long-term sustainable success in order to improve your health, nutrition, wellness by focusing on teaching, supporting and guiding you from beginning to end.

In order to truly make a change in your nutritional health it is important that you put long-term success over quick changes. Yeah, quick fixes are the popular thing to do now, but does it actually do what you need it to do, or does it just do what you want it do?

It's always better to turn a habit into a lifetime action so that you don't have to keep going back for more once all your fabulous results begin to disappear.

A couple of reasons why we are running a program instead of a challenge is that challenges tend to push for fast results over long term changes. When you invest good money to be part of a challenge, wouldn't you want something that will actually provide you with a long-term solution? Or would you want to waste your money and go through another challenge and another challenge and another challenge month after month?

With a lifestyle change program, the goal is to help you understand not only how to fix your problem, but how to prevent the problem from reoccurring.

Another reason is that most challenges only provide short explanations and very little education. With a program you don't focus on just one thing, but rather the entire process such as, learning what type of foods are beneficial to your body, the types of food you need to consume, how many calories you need to consume, how many meals per day you should consume and even you sleeping and hydration habits. It's the complete understanding of each these components.

However, one way a challenge and a lifestyle program are the same is that neither are made for everyone. They are made for those who truly ready, willing and able to experience a long-term health change.

The goal and focus are not to help you make a temporary change but to create long-term sustainable success in order to improve your health, nutrition and wellness. We focus on teaching, supporting, and guiding you from beginning to end. We will spend the 8 weeks focusing on changing bad habits and teaching new habits. We will focus on helping you eat properly for your specific body type and eliminating the feeling of exclusion.

We understand that getting healthy is not easy, and it can’t happen overnight. That is why we make it our goal to make this process as smooth and as comfortable as we can for you.

Here's what you can expect:

· (2) 20-minute one-on-one consults with a Nutrition Coach

· Access to our online coaching app online nutrition and lifestyle coaching app

· Individualized Macro, Portion and Calorie blueprint (not a meal plan) customized for your body, goals, preferences and current lifestyle

· A chance to win your choice of an instant pot or air fryer

· A free month of ongoing Nutrition Coaching

This 8-Week Nutrition Program is only $19.99 per person so go find your partner now, and then click below because registration opens up on December 19th!

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