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Nutrition Is Energy

Following a proper nutrition program can at times be extremely difficult, if not impossible. It takes practice and PATIENCE! It may actually take up to a year (not in all cases) to completely change your current bad nutritional habits into consistent good ones.

There are going to be periods of time where you may falter and backslide but concentrate on working on your nutrition ONE MEAL AT A TIME. Working on one particular meal that is the worst (usually breakfast or lunch for most) for a period of a week, two weeks, or as long as it takes will allow you to make this meal healthy so you can move on to the next meal.

NEVER associate the word “diet” (I’m not a fan of this word) with starvation. Doing so is one of the most damaging things you can do to yourself, physically AND mentally.

Physically, when the body senses starvation it will go into survival mode. It will conserve body fat and will effectively start to use muscle and organ tissues as its primary source of energy.

Mentally, starvation will exhaust your mindset. Starving yourself will most likely cause a negative break of your mindset, which will in turn reveal itself through bad nutrition choices such as binging or feasting on junk and fast foods and will be perceived as a personal failure.

When calculating the number of calories, you need to consume on a daily basis most people are surprised at the total number. Not everyone has the same caloric needs. If you stick to a consistent number of calories, monitor your body fat percentage, and when that percentage levels off you will know exactly what your caloric needs are.

Think of food simply as ENERGY. The purpose of energy is for oxidative functions of the body. So, basically speaking, if you eat lower quality energy (processed, junk, fast foods), your body functions will produce lower quality energy.

I mean, “You Are What You Eat”!


Chat Soon,

Coach JB

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