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The staggered stance RDL performed with a trap bar is an excellent single leg movement that is a good lead up to the single leg RDL, and it is also a great way to add some spice in your accessory workload.

Single leg work is important because it provides a wide range of benefits such as improved balance, stability of the hips and helps correct any muscular imbalances and asymmetries by using the hip hinge movement to isolate one hamstring and glute at a time.

Some coaching keys with this movement include:

  • Keeping the toes of the back leg (stabilizing leg) in line with the heel of the front leg (working leg)

  • Keep your spine in a neutral position throughout the movement and, of course, core braced with the proper breathing techniques.

  • Once you are in a solid set up position, it’s basically hinging at the hip by retracting your hips while keeping most of your weight forward on the working leg.

  • Keep lats strong, and as most of my clients hear all the time, “squeeze those armpits on the bananas” and slow on the eccentric phase of the movement. As you return to the starting position, explode the hips forward into a bit of a posterior pelvic tilt.

  • Do not try and reach the floor with the bar. Getting to about mid-shin level should suffice as you should feel a pretty significant stretch in the working leg hamstring.

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