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Is Hiring an Online Personal Trainer the Right Choice for You?

Photo of an Online Personal Trainer
Online Personal Trainer

"I never thought I would enjoy having an online personal trainer. I didn't think there would be an accountability or feedback that would motivate me to stay on track until I was gifted a 3 month online fitness program. I was blown away at how "present" my coach was. He gave me daily performance reviews on the app, I could message or even send him videos of any exercises I had questions about. The programming was great and I have now yielded progressive results for the past 26 months!" - Julie B.


Ever felt the frustration of endless fitness fads and quick fixes?

It's time for a game-changer.

Balancing work, life, and health goals is tough.

Enter online personal training - the solution you've been searching for!

Online Personal Trainer app
Online Personal Trainer

I get a lot of questions about online coaching because having your own personal fitness coach is an experience you can't understand until you experience it for yourself. Many people have never worked with a fitness coach, let alone an online fitness coach.

Online Fitness Coaching has been on the rise over the last few years, so I’m going to go over the benefits to allow you to make better-informed decisions to decide if it's a good fit for you.



You can train anytime with any fitness equipment you have available to you. If you do not have any fitness equipment available, no problem. You can still train without any equipment available using bodyweight for resistance.


One of the beautiful things about Online Fitness Coaching is that you can train anywhere your heart desires. You can train at your local gym or park, work, community or apartment fitness center and even in the comfort of your own home.


You have the ability to choose the coach that you feel gives you the best opportunity to reach all of your health and fitness goals, while also choosing the right personality of your ideal coach.

Do you want a cheerleader who will remind you of how awesome you are for making the effort, or do you need a stern, drill sergeant-type who is more likely to tell you to go harder, faster, and heavier than congratulate you on each small victory?

Either one (and anything in between) is fine! Clients are more successful when they received ongoing social support from their coach. On the other hand, some clients might be self-sufficient when it comes to motivation and gel with a coach who encourages autonomy.


Not everyone can afford one-on-one gym sessions. Especially if you want to train more than once a week, fitness coaching can have a pretty hefty price tag. But most online fitness coaches charge a lot less for online coaching than in-person sessions. In some cases, you might find that an ENTIRE MONTH OF ONLINE COACHING IS LESS THAN ONE HOUR OF ONE-ON-ONE, IN-PERSON TRAINING. Your investment in your fitness stretches out a lot longer.


Not all online fitness coaching will offer Nutrition Coaching along with the fitness programming. However, some online coaches will offer nutrition coaching as well for a well-rounded and complete health and fitness program.

This is where you can make sure that you are covering both fitness and nutrition all in one place and with one coach. Exercise and nutrition always go hand-in-hand when anyone discusses health and fitness because they are both important to maintaining optimal health, especially when they work together.

Exercising uses a lot of your body’s resources and those need to be replenished.

Woman doing online personal training
Online Personal Training


Our online clients are normally categorized in two ways:

1. They are busy people: They are trying to balance work, family, social life, aging parents, planning for retirement. They enjoy the time flexibility that online training provides.

2. They live further away: They really wanted to benefit from the program that we offer and thought we were the best fit for them. However, driving 30+ minutes to come to a workout session just wasn't an option for them. Online coaching allows them to benefit from our expertise without the extra commute.

Online Fitness and Nutrition Coaching is allowing more and more people the opportunity to find and work with an experienced fitness coach who is the right fit for them. When deciding whether or not to hire a coach, consider the points made above. Online coaching may just be the perfect fit for you.

Ready to take the leap?

phot of an online personal trainer
Online Personal Trainer

Start your ONE WEEK FREE TRIAL now.

No strings attached, just the first step toward a healthier, happier you.

Don't let another opportunity slip by.

Your fitness journey awaits – claim your free trial today!"

Coach JB

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