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How Our Fitness Changes As We Age

The windows of time in our lives can be determined by decades (20-30, 30-40, 40-50 and 50+), and each window of time can present different goals we are trying to accomplish with our health and fitness goals.

Between the ages of 20-30 we could be looking for a more athletic and aesthetic look, and we can train 5-6 times per week because with adequate rest and good nutrition we have the ability to recover from the intensity and frequency of being in the gym.

As we reach the 30-40 age range our goals may stay the same, but our time is limited because of new responsibilities and our focus is now divided amongst a lot of things going on in our lives. Stress is now a bit higher and our sleep becomes more compromised. Our bodies are also not as efficient and our recovery time is now slower, so we now have to look at training about 4-5 times per week of intense training.

We can still be active up to 5-6 times per, but we should add in different modalities of training. It is a good idea to incorporate balance, conditioning, mobility, flexibility and core specific programs and equipment that is joint friendly is a good adaptation.

Our 40-50 age range we should look at training 3 times per week intensely while adding in 1-2 days of balance, conditioning, mobility, flexibility and core specific is optimal. At the 50+ age range it is crucial to perform at least 2 days of intense STRENGTH TRAINING because of our declining activity that can lead to an ongoing cycle of further declines such as loss of independence and ill health.

As our activity levels decrease, so does our strength and fitness. Often, we think the extra effort needed to do the same task is due to age, when in fact it is due to a lower level of fitness from doing less activity.

The reality is our body changes, our environment changes and our goals change and we need to change with them. Listen to your body, be kind to it and adapt to the reality of your body so you can keep moving forward, stay healthy, live and move pain-free, and above everything else, that you are HAPPY!

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