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Happy New Year's Eve 2022!

2022 is going to FANTABULOUS and don't you take anything less!

So, what do you want to accomplish of do differently to make 2022 your best year yet?

I’m sure you are pumped and excited at the start of 2022, but then what?

This last email of the year is to offer a suggestion…

To focus on the one thing you CAN control every day of the year.

So, what I am going to suggest is CHANGE.

ACTION Only action can create change. The action stage of change is the most difficult because most of the time it’s necessary to expend physical energy. We expend mental energy through the first 3 stages, but with action we must earnestly make the change we have been working towards. In order to change through action, we must first develop the skills that will supply us the abilities and capabilities required to move in the desired direction towards our goal.


And a lack of motivation comes from not having a clear "WHY" to do something. Your "WHY" can either be a positive reward for taking action, or a negative consequence of not taking action. Positive rewards are decent motivators, but negative consequences are often more powerful. If you feel unmotivated to do something consider the consequences of not taking action. What is your why? What is your inaction costing you long-term?

Developing practices from skills, through tasks and functions, help build those skills. Then this is where action is called upon in small, clear-cut and solid exercises that we can comfortably do on a daily basis, or as much as is achievable. When we repeat these actions consistently over time, they then will become habits which will be built-in flawlessly into your life.

And if these habits move your life forward, you will succeed.

Have a GREAT weekend,

Coach JB

P.S. Thanks for being a valued reader of my newsletter!

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