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Discovering the Hidden Influence of Your Daily Habits

Photo of a personal trainer teaching habits
First we form habits. Then they form us.

There is incredible power in your daily habits. Your habits quite literally mold your body, your health and your accomplishments in life.

And it turns out that there’s a special secret sauce to making new habits stick that I’d like to share with you today…

This secret sauce goes against our instincts and the way that we are wired, which is why so many of us fail to make healthy, new habits truly stick and become part of our ongoing routine.

It’s more natural for us to take on the role of a critic with ourselves than that of a cheerleader. We compare ourselves to others and focus on our flaws rather than pausing to celebrate our wins by really feeling good.

photo of a woman doing cardio
Emotion creates habits

This works against us because it is proven emotions create habits and that the positive emotion of FEELING GOOD is the BEST WAY to get a new habit to stick!

Now if you’re anything like me then the idea of celebrating tiny little wins is a bit uncomfortable. I’ll feel good about myself when I do something substantial, you may think. However, by training yourself to truly FEEL GOOD about each and every step that you take in the right direction, you’re more likely to keep on making progress.

It’s time to tell your inner critic to take a hike! All those times that you wallowed in feeling bad only made it more difficult to make positive progress toward your goals.

Once you capture the power of feeling good, you’ll train yourself to enjoy and celebrate all of the healthy new behaviors that will ultimately lead you to your goal.

Do I have your commitment to try out the secret sauce of feeling good?

When you wake up and drink your protein shake, pause and give yourself a mental pat on the back. FEEL GOOD ABOUT IT!

Really, actually, FEEL GOOD.

It may take some practice, but with time you’ll look forward to feeling good after practicing each healthy new behavior.

If you aren’t yet one of my prized clients, then please reach out to me. I’d love to be a big part of your health and fitness journey this year!



Have you ever missed out on accomplishing a goal or task because you were overwhelmed? Maybe you had too much information to sort through or tried to do too much at once.


If so, I’d like to share a powerful principle with you – one that can increase your chances of success. (And not just a little.)


If you apply the principles discussed here, your chances will skyrocket from less than 35 percent to greater than 80 percent. That’s the difference between “maybe this will work” and “this is totally gonna happen.”


Habit-based coaching
Habit-based coaching

Habit-Based Coaching


The principle I want to share today is one that we use very comprehensively in 6 FITNESS NUTRITION COACHING, a nutrition and exercise coaching program in which we walk clients through the process of changing the way they look, feel, and perform.


It’s called habit-based coaching, and it’s reflective of our commitment to a single, but immensely important idea:


Focusing on less helps you achieve more.


Now, this concept isn’t new. Many of the top experts and achievers use this method to live fitter, healthier, more productive, and more fulfilling lives.


In fact, Leo Babauta, author of the bestselling book The Power of Less, is a prime example. Over the a two-year period, Leo:


  • Quit smoking

  • Lost 40 pounds

  • Went from a non-runner to running marathons

  • Became a vegetarian

  • Tripled his income

  • Wrote a novel and a non-fiction book

  • Eliminated his debt.


Oh, and those children people use to justify inaction? No more excuses there. Leo has six kids.

From The Power of Less


In THE POWER OF LESS, Leo outlines his method of success, one that we also use here at 6 Fitness and Nutrition.


What it all comes down to is this. In a world full of distracting “technologies,” “novelties,” “cutting edge resources,” and “gadgets,” one thing ALWAYS rules: the application of basic habits.


From Chapter 5: Create New Habits…


“The only way you’ll form long-lasting habits is by applying the Power of Less: focus on one habit at a time, one month at a time, so that you’ll be able to focus all your energy on creating that one habit.


  1. Select one habit…only one habit per month. You can choose any habit – whatever you think will have the biggest impact on your life.


  1. Write down your plan. You will need to specifically state what your goal will be each day, when you’ll do it, what your “trigger” will be, who you will report to…


  1. Post your goal publicly. Tell as many people as possible that you are trying to form your new habit. I suggest an online forum, but you could email it to coworkers and family and friends or otherwise get the word out to a large group.


  1. Report on your progress daily. Each day, tell the same group of people whether or not you succeeded at your goal.”

Habits Can Give You EVERYTHING

Now is the perfect time to begin new, healthy, and productive habits. Create a strong and focused mindset that will empower you to set you up for success.

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