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Visualize Your Potential

One of the best weapons to access your full potential is through visualization. Many of us refuse to get their #mindset in the right place for success because they fail to understand just how powerful visualization can be.

For visualization to work you have to be open-minded and focused not only your #long-termgoal and your short-term goals that will lead you there.

Think big so that you will allow your imagination to be creative and to run wild. Kinda like a kid. Being #open-minded will relieve stress and allow you to form a mental image of what you are trying to achieve.

I try to create an environment where my clients can LEARN and train with simple, principle-based decision-making programs as a general guideline, can lead to the creation of fundamentally sound and well-rounded clients and athletes that train at optimal levels.

Blocking out distractions will get you to your goals quicker. Your goals should be created thoughtfully, and should be goals that move you to actionable responses. Don’t let small distractions, or “speed bumps” become “Road Blocks” that detour you. You WILL have bad days, but not allowing them to linger is the most important thing to get you over and passed that speed bump and back on track to your ultimate end goal.

Creating self-belief will allow your visualization to take off. First, figure out your “WHY” and the underlying reasons how it effects of your life.

Do you want to #losefat?

Do you want to gain #leanmuscle?

Do you want to run a 5k?

Do you want to get off blood pressure medication?

Writing these #fitness and #nutrition #goals down on paper will help hold you accountable by reminding you each and every day what it takes to achieve them. Write down daily goals, weekly goals and even 4, 6 and eight-week goals. Reaching short-term goals will bring you one step closer to your ultimate goal.

Also imprint these victories in your mind so that you will encourage yourself to achieve the next short-term goal, and the next short-term goal until you have reached that long-term and success.

Are you ready to visualize your potential and start working on your long-term goals to better health and a better you? Just click here and lets set up your free Success Consultation to get you started.

In Good Health,

Coach JB

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