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Are You Ready to Take the First Step of Change Towards a Better Life?

Do you think that you have more potential than you’re living up to?

How will you harness your potential to create the very best you?

Man contemplating change
Do you want to change?

Here’s how to make a change towards a better life:

Change Towards A Better Life: Use Your Imagination

If you thought that imaginations were only valued in preschool, think again. A key technique is using your imagination to reprogram and manage your self-image.

You may have been exposed to self-improvement strategies that tell you to ‘act as if’ or to ‘fake it till you make it.’ Those typically don’t work because your self-image is still the same.

Your self-image is the key to changing your actions and habits. If you want to lose 50 pounds, you first have to think of yourself as someone 50 pounds lighter.

This imagination time will begin to change your self-image to that of a person 50 pounds lighter, and your actions and habits will fall into place.

Reject Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts will undoubtedly arise as you use your imagination to see your ideal self.

“I’m not really going to lose 50 pounds.”

“I’ve tried losing weight before and it never works. I’m always going to be overweight.”

“This imagination stuff is bogus. It won’t work for me.”

The quicker that you dismiss negative thoughts, the less impact they will have on your self-image. Also, you’ll find that fewer and fewer negative thoughts arise once you get into the habit of dismissal.

Be Nostalgic For The Future

It’s so easy to be nostalgic for the past, especially when you only remember the good stuff. But what good does it do for you to wish for things that are long gone?

In your imagination you’ve already lost the 50 pounds, so start pining for the future! Your self-image will lock onto that picture and your nostalgic feelings will fuel the fire.

I’m The Kind Of Person That…

What kind of person are you?

I’m the kind of person that loves sweets.

I’m the kind of person that hates exercise.

I’m the kind of person that can’t lose weight.


I’m the kind of person that eats fresh and healthy food.

I’m the kind of person that keeps fit.

I’m the kind of person that maintains an ideal body weight.

The power is all in your hands.

Man doing yoga
Self Care

Active Recovery For A Better Self Care Change

Active Recovery can be defined as performing an easier training session compared to your normal training sessions. active recovery better addresses how your body responds to extreme physical exertion, alleviating the stress placed on muscles, joints, connective tissues while improving muscle growth and strength.

Normally this session is performed on a training “off day”, and is less intense and has less volume. For example, active recovery can be done by taking a brisk walk, taking a yoga class, a full body mobility or stretching session, completing a “honey-do” list or maybe even taking up some organized athletic activity such as bowling, ping pong or kickball.

5 Stages of Change

Change isn't easy.

And maybe in the past you have had good intentions to take care of your body, but then often struggle with undeviating follow-through because life gets in the way.

Here at 6 Fitness and Nutrition, we help our clients to navigate through the various stages of change ...

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